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Dec 2, 2012 2:30pm PST
mayors. >> chair: thank you. councilmember wong followed by mr. stein. >> councilmember wong: i can understand everyone's feeling about taking a leadership. i was a person not into leading committees. slowly but surely, like i said earlier, i'm slowly getting up to that rank. i was just appointed to the m d c's physical assets committee, my little training. maybe in the future i can become the chair of the mayor's disability council. i like the idea, for sure. >> chair: mr. stein? >> yes. i don't see any conflict between staying two consecutive terms, and the council setting up whatever rules it wants to have informally of the discussion in executive committee. we think there should be a two month mentoring program for someone interested in serving on the council. we should make that three months or six months of chairing the committee. we don't need to decide that now. it is not something that appears in the bylaws. in a sense incorporating the concept gives you more freedom rather than trying to thrash this particular concept out here at this meeting. there is nothing to
Dec 2, 2012 12:30pm PST
, - we apologize for our difficulties. >> thank you mr. stein. proceeding with agenda item number one, may we initiated roll call please. >> present today we have councilmembers wong, wilson, burkett, james, parson. >> item 2, reading and approval of agenda. with mr. stein.. >> here i am again. regular meeting, mayors disability council. one, welcome, introduction roll call. two, approval of the agenda. three, public comment, four, report from the chair. five, report from the director of the mayor's office of disability. six, report of the transportation plan update. seven, community perspective of supportive housing and sros eight, action item. nine, action item, proposed amendment to the mdc by laws. -- elven, multimodal accessibility committee update. eleven, public comment. that was 12, 13, correspondent, 14 councilmember comments and announcements. 15 adjourn. >> thank you. moving on the public comment agenda item number three. i have one speakers card here. our friends across the day ms. denise jacobson, with the oakland mayor's commission. we welcome you. anyone else who wish
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Dec 1, 2012 1:00am PST
the whole war on christmas is insane. you say that for quite some time, mr. stein, right? >> i have. you can call me ben. i'm jewish. all of my ancestors are jewish. my son is jewish. i don't mind people saying merry christmas to me. i like calling it a christmas tree. it's a christmas holiday. it's a christian holiday. it's not a holiday, holiday. it's on not a atheist holiday but a christian holiday. >> it's a holiday that atheists can celebrate certainly under the banner. >> absolutely and jews can celebrate. it's a holiday. >> everybody can have a goodtim. >> it's a holiday marking the birth of a man or a some call him the son of god who said peace on earth and on earth goodwill to men. what could possibly be wrong with celebrating the ideas of a person who said something like that? >> bill: let me take it one step further and then i'm going to ask you the why on it. jesus of nazareth was the most influential human being who has ever lived. that's beyond any doubt. right? >> i don't doubt it. but, of course, you would honor a person like that because what jesus stood for was peace. turn
Dec 6, 2012 4:00pm PST
stein, if you could approach us here today. and mr. steen, i know this is your first time speaking before the rules committee. it's pretty much the same format as you've seen with our other applicants, if you could speak to your experience and qualifications as relates to this cac position. >> yes, thank you very much, madam chair. >> i'm sorry, could you wait one second? >> certainly. >> thank you, mr. steen >> thank you very much, supervisors. my name is matthew steen, i'm a native san franciscoan, growing up in the mission district. currently reside in the lower half of the octavia plan boundaries, i have lived there since 2009, i have lived of course many other places in san francisco, as many of us have. my previous experience with direct planning issues, land use issues, occurred while i was living in santa barbara for 20 years. i went, i left san francisco and went to santa barbara, went to university there. subsequently i was hired, actually was elected to a local public office and subsequently hired as the executive director of the alto vista community house which is
Nov 30, 2012 6:30pm PST
you. >> okay. we can hear from the permit holder now. >> mr. president, and vice president and commissioners of at peel board good evening, my name is gary gold stein and i am the owner. i was previously wholly bagel expanding to three locations. while operating, it starbucks began their san francisco operations. targeted bagel shops investing in my competitor. whenever it opens by wholly bagel i worried, in every instance my business increased. they knew that opening up to complimentary businesses created synergy. ni have worked within the guidelines set forth by the city and the department of public works and the health department and hope to continue to partake of the free enterprise system. i adhere to all criteria and my permit was approved. at the hearing, i shortened my hours, cut back my menu, and withdrew one of my applications. i operate only from six to ten in the morning. i open long before most of these businesses even open. i close shortly there after they open. i do this to appease any protestors and my permits were granted by the hearing officer. i sell only
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Dec 28, 2012 2:00pm PST
him. bad news for the four dead americans. steins, smith, doherty and woods. hillary's testimony is months overdue. i hope mrs. clinton backs up her promise and "i take full responsibility for benghazi." i hope you do, madam secretary. i hope you don't let the men die without answers. i hope a lot. in sports and business once you hope, you have already lost. she will come back and testify. then what? >> kimberly: this is disappointing. why do we put a push on for her to come do the right thing. this f she has a health issue, she has a health issue. concussion, memory loss? i don't know. this you seems suspicious. >> eric: you call this a mess. >> andrea: i don't buy this. i am not sure if she testifies we get answers anyway. clinton are not always the most forthcoming in testimony when they are sworn under oath. i hope the g.o.p. senators can three questions. the first, why wasn't the consulate secured after the two attacks. or why weren't they pulled outer consulate closed? why weren't there answers? i hope she answers them. >> kimberly: who ordered them to stand down? did you t
Dec 7, 2012 4:30am PST
. and to use the convention & visitors slogan, mr. de la sandra should be happy. only in san francisco, there's two lotus fongs. so, i'm going to take this -- i only moved here 30 years ago. i remember johnny stein from muni. i personally knew three senior citizens who were killed at geary and laguna. so, i was at the meeting to get the limited stop, okay. what i see is the city's growing and gentrifying very fast. sometimes when you do things fast, you might be a little sorry afterwards. so, i'd like to support everyone else here who feels the sense of community in the city and also whenever i'm in chinatown, north beach, downtown, my husband and i, we stop and we help the tourists. we give them directions. you get off at powell between washington, you don't know where chinatown is. okay. so, in the interest of making the quality of life and transportation in san francisco better, it seems like we need to slow down, february 1st is not going to work, and rethink this thing. and in the beginning when we had the emergencies, these day or two and i give all the employees credit, the word used w
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
and me a very thoughtful, positive, personal letter of recommendation on mr. shea's behalf. after concluding his clerkship, michael shea joined the firm of clery, got leeb, stein and hamilton as an associate where he stayed for four years working on both criminal and civil cases and for a period of time was dispatched to the brussels, belgium office of the firm working on an antitrust investigation but much more significant than his legal work, there in brussels he met his wife, frederique and they have three wonderful children. since 1998 michael shea has been a partner at day-pitney l.l.p. where his trial and practice has included trials and appeals in personal injury and criminal and other cases. he's the chair of the appellate practice group. we found in talking to lawyers and judges around connecticut on a state and federal bench that michael shea is quite simply one of the most experienced and broadly respected litigators in our state. if confirmed, he will bring to the district bench an enormous background of experience in our courts. and i want to add that michael shea als
Dec 21, 2012 6:00am EST
and human services. with that, dr. , koh. [applause] >> thank you very much, dr. stein, for inviting me to this very important conference, and i want to express my gratitude to you and to dr. volkow for her leadership, director control kousky and his new deputy directer, mr. leibowitz, thank you all for being leaders, and a special thanks to dr. johnston because monitoring the future is a treasure for public health, so it's a great pleasure for me to be here. in examining the results that are being unveiled today, we should remember that of all these agents, that tobacco remains the leading cause of premature and preventable death in the united states. smoking kills more than 1200 americans every day, and for every tobacco-related death there are two new replacement cigarette smokers under the age of 26. it's tragic that these replacement smokers are kids who start when they are not fully ready to make an informed choice. and, indeed, you have heard -- and it is true -- that tobacco addiction is a pediatric disease. three out of fourteens who smoke continue to smoke into adulthood, even
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)